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Parts wanted

Date: 1/6/2019 2:18:01 PM Ref: 00105518
Hemi water block wanted
Wanted Hemi water block.
Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Tel: 07860 405060   

Date: 12/18/2018 3:17:34 AM Ref: 00105517
Rear wheels wanted
Wanted 15x15 rear wheels -pref chevy jag
Contact: Peter
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 11/18/2018 3:43:01 PM Ref: 00105516
Wanted — A fuel style dragster scoop

* A fuel style dragster scoop. Narrow base type. To fit Gerardot upright injectior size.

Contact: Luke Bennett
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 11/12/2018 5:00:45 PM Ref: 00105515
Ford engine wanted
wanted ford 302 or 289 V8 engine must be with 6 bolt bell housing. WHY

Contact: Brian
Country: UK
Tel: 07837985973   

Date: 11/12/2018 4:53:26 PM Ref: 00105514
Parts wanted
Pair of Strange front struts
Pair of Strange Rear shocks
Aluminuim Rear End
2 or 3 speed lenco
15 x 15 Weld Bead lock Chrome look rear wheels
Weld Chrome / polished front wheels

I'm based in Surrey and can travel no problem, I'm only interested in excellent condition used parts, thank you

Contact: Andy
Country: UK
Tel: 07483 288725   

Date: 10/15/2018 5:58:54 PM Ref: 00105513
T56 gearbox / transmission wanted
WANTED: T56 gearbox / transmission, any condition. If you have anything please call me. Thank you

Contact: Aimee
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 01949 850009   

Date: 9/27/2018 4:46:35 PM Ref: 00105512
Chrysler axle
Anybody got a Chrysler 9 ¼ axle center section.will consider complete axle
Contact: Tony
Country: UK
Tel: 07828 107251   

Date: 9/27/2018 4:34:44 PM Ref: 00105511
Spray bars wanted
Wanted 2x nitrous oxide Holley 4150
Plate spray bars needed urgently.

Contact: Rob
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07513 398478   

Date: 9/27/2018 4:26:52 PM Ref: 00105510
Ford 9" axle
Wanted complete or just casing ford 9in axle

Contact: Paul
Country: UK
Tel: 07971 490870   

Date: 9/27/2018 4:15:15 PM Ref: 00105509
Ford block wanted
Ford FE 390 block wanted

Contact: Robert
Country: UK
Tel: 07734 050002   

Date: 8/15/2018 5:37:04 PM Ref: 00105508
Wheel rims wanted
2 wheel rims wanted for ford Fleetwood bounder to take 235 x 16 tyres 10 stud
Contact: Chris
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 8/15/2018 5:35:19 PM Ref: 00105507
Ford FE motor wanted
Ford fe mid 60s engine
automatic transmission for same
Steering column with shifter
8 stud 16" ford truck wheel

Contact: Rob
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 6/24/2018 1:53:57 PM Ref: 00105506
Hoosier slicks wanted
Wanted Good Pair Hoosier rear slick tires 30/10.5x15

Contact: Chris
Country: UK
Tel: 07710 668018   

Date: 6/19/2018 5:12:26 PM Ref: 00105505
Bonnet and four speed wanted
65 / 66 mustang steel bonnet wanted, mines dented

Ford 4 speed top loader required
Contact: Withey
Country: UK
Email: click here

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