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Bikes for sale

Date: 8/10/2017 4:48:00 PM Ref: 00031024
1980 Harley Davidson XR750
Excellent running 1980 Harley Davidson XR750 in excellent condition. Starts, runs and stops as it should. Needs nothing but a new owner.
Contact: Moss
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 4/11/2017 2:00:00 PM Ref: 00031023
Readvertising due to previous interested buyer not as yet paid a deposit.

Retiring from racing so my Blown Alky Funnybike is up for sale. I built it in 2008 with Puma cases, 3 speed Bentec/YMR planetary gearbox, 4 valve YMR head, billet YMR block,Suzuki stud and bore spacing, uprated Mallory Supermag III, Enderle fuel pump, HPC 2.1 blower, aluminium bodywork, RPM Datalogger. Relatively simple to adapt to run on nitro. Best to date 7.17sec at 189mph and 1.07 60ft. £25000.00.
Norwich, UK
Contact: Bob
Country: UK
Email: click here

Date: 4/11/2017 1:54:57 PM Ref: 00031022
Funny Bike for sale
Kosman-Suzuki FB with 81" WB, PMFR Wheels - Beadlock on rear with 10.5 MT, 1327cc Methanol EFI Turbo Setup
Innovative Ball Bearing Turbo Stage 5, Motec M400 with ID2000 Injectors and CDI4. 3 Speed OE Gear Box with MTC Gen II Clutch.
The bike comes with Pingel Starter and Cart w. Batteries, full documentation of electrical system and a spare parts list.
Price is 17000,- EUR - Spare Parts Kit and Spare Engine available as options.
Bike will be at Santa Pod for the Festival of Power.
More Info: or

Contact: Thomas
Country: Germany
Email: click here

Date: 1/23/2017 5:08:54 PM Ref: 00031021
SSB / 8.50 / ET Bike
As some of you will know I have been building an SSB/8.50/ET bike......its almost finished, it only needs a shock, chain, and painting ...I will sell it as it is, or as a rolling chassis if not I may break it, I'll take a road bike in part ex (depending on what it have stripped this down to nuts and bolts and rebuilt everything

Complete bike £10,000

Roller £5,000 this will include everything as well as Motec M400and loom........... but NOT motor and turbo system

Velocity race kit .. 500 Hp+
Motor completely rebuilt
Corrillo's rods
Tall deck turbo Pistons
Ported head
High flow oil gear
High pressure blow off valve
Konig 2" sump
Swinging pickup
PRW full slider clutch with ride back
Tial wastegate and blowoff valve.
AMS 1000
Motec M400
Gen 2 forks
16" front wheel with new tyre and powder coated chrome
Radial brakes
Psycleworkz pull back yokes
Psycleworkz alternator cover
Full race body kit .. Various makes
Cut down polished frame
Velocity alloy Swingarms polished
CO2 system for gear shift and turbo

May take road bike in part ex

This bike has never been down the track.. Yet
Contact: Pete
Country: UK
Email: click here
Tel: 07802 292003   

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