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Jump to: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hellas (Greece), Holland, Hungary, Ireland Italy, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.


Danny's Racing Team Top Methanol Funny Car

Kerkhofs Racing Team Danil Kerkhofs Super Twin Top Fuel Harley

Czech Republic

Arachnids Racing Team Milan Kolcn's Super Twin Street team.

Thor Steinar Dragster Team Funny Bike racer.


Andersen Racing Multi championship winning and record holding Top Fuel Dragster team, now retired.

Dan Larsen Racing Top Methanol Funny Car team

The Fullsize Express Martin Boye and his Impala

Jackie Hansen Racing Running a Chevy Cavalier in Pro Stock

JFK Racing Jens Fahlberg's '64 Galaxie Fastback.

SKP-Racing Steen Pedersen's Firebird and Tommy Jensen's Nova bracket racers.

Krogslund Drag Racing Peter Jensen's Blown BBC Camaro Team

Stig Neergaard Top Fuel Dragster Team.

TSS Racecars' '57 Chevy Pro Mod Per Justesen's '55 Chevy and Mike Raymond's Firebird Søren Hartvig's Super Twin Bike.

Veidec Racing Denmark '55 Chevy and Pontiac Firebird.


Artsi Racing Arto Höylä's Top Methanol Dragster.

Baldie's VooDoo Racing Asko Määttä's Super Twin Top Fuel Bike

Team Detonation Vesa Lipponen's Super Twin Bike.

DB Team Selkämaa Finnish SPSB Drag Bike Team

Eagle Racing Janne Ahonen and Antti Horto - Top Fuel Dragster team.

Fredlund Racing Fredrik Fredlund - Multi time FIM Pro Stock Bike Champion.

Island Racing Cars Racing in Super Comp & Super Gas

Tomi Laine's Pro Stock team page.

Laukkanen Motorsport Tero Laukkanen and his twin turbo Pro Mod/TD Mustang.

Anita Mäkelä 2000 FIA European Top Fuel Dragster Champion and European ET Record Holder.

MC-Timppa Racing Timo Savolainen's Pro Stock Bike.

OK Racing Team Johnny Oksa and his TMFC.

Parén Racing Jari Parén's Pro Modified Corvette.

PV Racing Outlaw class '00 Firebird

Rapämaki Racing Team Ismo Menp's Super Twin Top Fuel Bike.

Salakazi Racing, KTM-powered Super Twin

Skull Racing Super Twin Top Fuel racer Samu Kemppainen.

Tami Brander Racing Pro Modified racer.

TIL Racing Top Fuel racer Timo Lehtimäki.

Vainio Racing Tero Vainio and his Pro Street Toyota Celica Supra.

Woodstock Racing Ari Pietilä's Super Comp Funny Car.


Dulamon Auto The Pro Mod Camaro of Jean Dulamon.

Thierry Perret Jurassik Fire Pigs Drag Racing team - doorslammers and Alcohol Funny Car.

Donald Pottier Jet Cars, Jet Bikes and even a rocket push bike.


Rico Anthes European Top Fuel Champion 1997.

Black Seven Nitro Racing Christian Jäger's Super Twin Top Fuel team.

Cleber Turbo team Berlin Clemens Walleit's drag bike team

Team Culator ET Bracket Drag Racing Team.

Eckerst Dragracing Team Sally Ekerst's Camaros.

GSK Motorsport Ren Kloss, Bert Gorselitz and Jens Schmidt's Super Comp team.

Gerd Habermann Racing Family team competing in comp, supercomp & jr dragster

Heartbeat Racing Tom, Jutta and Sacha Winter and team.

Hot Rod Ove Over Kröger's Super Comp/Super Gas '32 Ford roadster

Team Joker - Peter Granica's Super Street Bike

Der Joker Peter Granica's blog.

Thomas Joswig Funny bike news and a whole host of mechanical & electronic racing parts.

Team Krenz Supergas team running a Mustang Fastback.

Roger Kirschner Nostalgia Funny Car and Jet Funny Car.

Maurischat Racing The first German Pro Mod into the 6.1s.

Mopar Rebellion Super Comp/Super Pro ET dragsters and Super Gas '69 Dart.

Pickup VW Daniel Ackermann and Werner Rüchel's eight second SBC VW pickup.

Race Antz Street and Strip Racing. One of the fastest German streetlegal beetles

Richarzzz Racing Team

Riehl Drag Racing Jens Riehl, Top Fuel licensee, Super Comp operation for sale.

Sarembe Racing Popular motorcycle drag racing team

Scheepers Motorsport Turbocharged nitrous Suzuki Super Street Bike

Peter Schöfer - Top Methanol Dragster

Harald Sturhan's Pro Stock Mercedes CLK500

Silvio Strauch Competition Eliminator Dragster

Top Methanol Dragster two car team with Timo and Dennis Habermann.

Hellas (Greece)

Nefrem Race Team Makis Nefrem's Blown Pontiac Firebird


50cc Racing Luc Foekema and his 50cc special

Gofast Buick Dragracing Team Street-legal '72 Buick GSX driven by Robert Noeken.

Ed Buurman Breedveld Drag Racing Ed Breedveld's Super Gas street-legal Nova.

Chevy '37 Reinier van Schelt and Jeremy Prince's seven second Chevy truck.

Double Trouble Super Pro 1955 Chevy Belair with Johnny Brabant Gerritsen.

Dragbike Piet Verhoef's Super Twin Gas bike

Fast Frisian Dutch site featuring photos and videos

Haas Brothers Martijn de Haas's Super Twin bike.

Heezen Racing Job Heezen's Super Twin bikes.

House Bros. Racing 1955 Chevrolet 2 Door Handyman Wagon raced by Ronald Huis.

Dragracing Team Herman Jolink Ducati-engined Super Twin Top Gas rider.

Henri Joosten Pro Modified 55 Chevy

HTS Dragracing Team '70 Chevrolet Nova, 2001 Dutch Super Street Champions.

Robert Joosten Facebook page in memory of much-missed Pro Mod racer Robert Joosten.

Racing Kitoki Stanley Bentura's Chevy Beretta.

Laseur Gert-Jan Laseur's Buell Pro Stock Bike.

Ron van den Let Dragracing Super Gas Vega

LowlandsXtreme Race Team Frank Eijskoot's Fiero Super Gas entry.

Phantom Racing Multi bike team with Stefan Schmidt, Margot Schmidt and Hensley Eugenia.

Pro Truck Racing Team Maurice van der Laan's Super Gas Chevy S-10 Truck.

Dragraceteam Maassluis/Maasland Three-car team with Martin Damen, George Schunko and Richard Minderhoud.

MethNess Motorsports Tom van der Wijden's Super Pro Chevy Truck.

Team Orange County Cas van de Mosselaar's Nova.

The Oomen Johan Oomen's Super Pro Dodge Viper.

Pro Dutch Racing Michel Tooren racing a 'Cuda Pro Modified in memory of Robert Joosten.

Pyromaniac Mikael Kooij and the Pyromaniac jet quad

Reerink Racing 9 second '71 Vega

The Roeler Roel van den Hout's Super Pro '55 Bel Air - 2009 Dutch Super Pro Champion.

Stefan Iwanowitsch's Top Fuel Bike Team

Transanimal Hans van der Spek's Firebird.

Turbo Taunus Willy Reerink's Super Comp project.

Vegter Pro Mod Racing David Vegter's team's Facebook page.

Velocity Racing Jan Scheppers' '73 Chevy Pick-up and Super Comp/Gas Mustang team

Five car team led by Marck Harteveld's Voodoo Hemi Roadrunner

Voorend USA Autoparts All-Mustang team with Alex Voorend, Freek van Groningen and Gerard Voorend.

Wild'r at Heart Drag Racing Ramon van der Weurf's Wild'r at Heart 1971 Dodge Charger Nostalgia Funny Car.

Wishbone Racing Super Street/Pro ET Firebird raced by Peter Stevens.

Super Twin Top Fuel team.

Hungary Péter Káldy's nine-second Chevy Nova SS 1969 doorslammer.

Szabb Pro-Stock bike racer Szabolcs Borsay.


McDonald Racing Top Fuel team, car driven by former Junior Dragster racer Gabrielle McDonald.


Chinarello Team Pro Stock Bike Team

H.C.S. Drag Racing Team - Top Gas Dragsters (bikes) - taking part at the Italian and European championship

Rama Racing Running a Lancia Delta HF Integrale

Tecno Racing Genni Motta.


Simon Giordmaina Super Street Bike racer with Franklyn Borg also riding in 2016.

Maksar Racing Amazing 11 second 120mph+ drag racing truck

Duncan Micallef Maltese Top Fuel Driver.

Mr Whippy Racing Team Monty Bugeja's 2012 Championship Winning 5.2s TMD owned by Joe Carabott.


Ronny Aasen Super Twin Top Fuel team (old site)

Brothers In Arms Racing Thomas, Stefan and Robin Olsen's Pro Stock Bike team.

Craftsman Racing Yngve Solberg's Comp Eliminator dragster team.

Rune Fjeld Motorsport Top Fuel racing with Liam Jones and others driving.

Nitro Twin Racing Including the Nitro burning Super Twin Top Fuel of Ronny Aasen

Birgitte Bremnes Driver of Jason Phelps' Gladiator FC in 2017.

FMV Racing Odd Eric Fossum's Top Doorslammer Camaro.

Grendal Racing Team Super Pro ET Firebird.

Islanders Drag Racing Paul Ingar Udtian's Top Methanol Dragster team, including updates from events.

Karlsen Motorsport Linn Engan Karlsen's Top Methanol Funny Car team.

M.A.D. Racing Matti Vähäsaari's SUper Twin Top Fuel bike.

Hans Olav Olstad Harley Davidson racer

Rolfstad Racing Svein Olav Rolfstad and Jan Sturla Hegre Super Twin Top Fuel team.

TJH Racing Trond J. Høiberget's Super Twin Team


ÅBM Racing Andreas Sjödin's Top Doorslammer Chevelle 1965.

Akama Racing Robert Lund's Top Doorslammer '55 Chevy.

Jimmy Ålund Seven time FIA Pro Stock Champion.

Team Badillac Jan Gunnarsson's 1959 Cadillac Pro Mod.

Team Bankrobber Rimbert Valström's Bankrobber II - '58 Plymouth Suburban Station Wagon

Team Bankrobber Dragracing Top Doorslammer Dodge Viper driven and owned by Rimbert Vahlström

The Beast Per Bengtsson's Nitro burning Super Twin

Bertans Racecars Bubble-top '61 Impala Pro Mod entry.

The Billet Racing Home Page. Peter Svensson's Top Fuel Bike Team.

Blackout Full Size Racing Anders Envall and his street legal Impala SS.

Brag Racing Mats Brag's Top Doorslammer Camaro.

Brillko Racing Stefan Gustafsson's Pro Mod/Top Doorslammer/Comp Eliminator Camaro.

Bye Rodders Racing.

Susanne Callin, Top Fuel and two seat dragster

ABS WheelsJorge Castro MFL Racing

DD Racing Dahlblom Dragracing Comp Eliminator team.

Dojjan Racing Daniel "Dojjan" Carlsson's '62 Nova Top Doorslammer.

Eklund Racing Jens Eklund's Turbo Audi A5 Comp Eliminator entry.
Linda Eriksson Racing Linda Eriksson's Super Comp Dragster.

F-Racing Anders Forsberg's Funny Bike team.

Fast Freddy Fast Freddy Fagerstrom and his awesome 6.2 second Pro Mod truck.

Fast Girls Racing Matilda and Amanda Sjöström-Andersson's Dragsters.

Flashpoint Racing Daniel Jedborn's Comp Eliminator slingshot dragster (Facebook page).

Frank Racing Eric Frank's Super Twin Top Fuel Bike.

FTD Motorsport Johan Gustafsson's '86 Mercury Cougar Top Doorslammer.

Flamholc Dragracing Adam Flamholc's Pro Mod Camaro.

Gabbi Pro Stock Bike Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Gabriella Nikolovska.

Green Goblin Racing Mats Eriksson and the blown '56 Crown Victoria Pro Mod

Micke Gullqvist Motorsports 2011 and 2012 FIA Pro Modified Champion.

Hägglund Racing Christina Hägglund's Super Comp dragster.

Halmhatt Racing Håkan "Halmhatt" Mattsson, multi-time Super Gas champion and his '68 Mustang.

Heaven & Hell Popular Stock/Super Stock Pro ET team, drivers Carla Pittau and Rick McCann, now based in Sweden

Jonas Dantanus Racing Jennifer Gustafsson, Jessica Gustafsson, Simon Gustafsson, Jonas Dantanus and Pontus Dantanus - five car team

Krister Johansson Racing A-Fuel Dragster Johan Rehnström's Super Gas Mustang

JvA Racing Johan Westberg's Pro Mod/TD Camaro.

Micke Kågered Racing Ultra professional Top Fuel team.

Karling Racing One of Europes top Nitro Super Twin Teams.

Peter Lantz Racing: 4-second Top Fuel team.

Anders Larsson Pro Stock Bike

Micke Larsson Racing Top Methanol Funny Car team

Leanders Brothers Drag Racing 4-time FIA Champions Methanol Funny Car Team

Jonnie Lindberg 2-time NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car Champion.

Elvira Karlsson Pro Stock Bike racer

Pontus Liberg Motor Sport '97 Camaro Comp Eliminator/Top Doorslammer.

Lindberg Bros. Johan and Jonnie Lindberg's TMFCs, Johan racing in Europe and Jonnie in the US.

Lindblad Racing Tomas Lindblad's Super Comp dragster.

Luntec Racing Martin Lundkvist's '68 Camaro Pro Mod/TD/Pro Xtreme.

Lindkvist Racing Arne Lindkvist's '55 Chevy Top Doorslammer.

Team WolfMan Racing Sami Holm's '66 Nova in Super Comp and Super Gas racing.

Malmgren Racing Michael Malmgrens Lehega Pro Stock team

JMRacing Joakim Mårtenson. Drives a Dodge Challenger, previously owned by Paul Rossi, Sylvia Hauser and Joran Persaker. Tony Blomström's Super Comp 'Cuda.

MSS Motorsport Roger Johansson - Europe's quickest nitrous car, running in Pro Mod and Top Doorslammer.

Musclecars Racing Mats Jacobsson's Pro Stock Pontiac GTO.

Nailheads Anders Brändström's '87 Mustang Super Gas entry.

Nilsson Motorsports Hakan Nilsson's Top Fuel team, including videos and live reports.

Nitro Twister Stefan Junerud's Nitro Super Twin team

Team Norénracing Robin Norén's Super Comp Dodge Daytona

Top team running an awesome blown alcohol altered

Nygaard Dragster Nygaard family drag racing team.

Oberg Racing Monica Oberg's Top Fuel team.

OFAB Motorsport Patrik Wikström's blog.

Öggeracing Team Bike Line Ulf Ögge's Super Twin Gas Bike

Old 51 Racing The blown 1951 Chevrolet Coupe Pro Mod driven by Niclas Andersson

Outlaw Racing Michael Nord's 6.2 sec Chevy Nova Comp Eliminator/Top Doorslammer.

PerfectRun Drag Racing Team Jörgen Karlsson's 1970 bracket Nova.

Persåker Racing Jran Persåker, Top Fuel and Pro Modified racer.

Top Mod Racing Håkan Persson's supercharged Dodge Viper Pro Mod/TD/Pro Xtreme entry.

Pobben Racing Per Olov "Pobben" Berglund's Top Fuel Bike team

Pritona Racing Kjell Sjoblom's TMFC team

Pro Turbo Truck Paolo Andreini's Turbocharged pickup truck running in Top Doorslammer.

Racesteve Stefan 'Steve' Ottosson's Super Gas Lotus Elan replica.

RG Engineering Rickard Gustavsson's Europe's Fastest and Quickest Funny Bike Team.

Team RT Thomas Lindström's Pro Stock Team

Samantha Racing Pro Stock Team

S&H Racing Benny Strand's Chevrolet Cobalt Top Doorslammer - 2011 TSDS Champion

Snowball Racing Jan Palmqvist's Pontiac GTO Pro Stock.

Speedghost Motorsport Patrik Pers' Top Fuel Dragster Facebook Page.

Starkotter Racing. Leif Helander's Nitro Funny Car team.

SPM Motor Kenneth Soderstrom and the Pro Stock Firebird

Team Kendall Pro Mod Lindahl Brothers' Chevy Camaro Pro Modified.

Team Kendall Top Fuel Bike Peter Svensson's Top Fuel Bike team.

Teecee Racing '68 Camaro racing in Top Doorslammer.

Top Doorslammer the Scandinavian Outlaw Pro Mod series

Turbo Camaron Hässleholm Jonas Hall's Top Doorslammer/Pro Mod Camaro.

Twin Turbo Corvette Swedish Comp Eliminator/Top Doorslammer team with driver Peter "Tricky" Thörnäs.

US Racing Super Gas team with racers Christer Uhlin and Olav Skjervo - regular visitors to Santa Pod Raceway.

VBS Racing Urban Johansson's Pro Modified/Top Doorslammer '63 Corvette.

Veidec Racing Pro Stock Bike team with blogger Kalle Lyrén.

Viper Racing Johan "Lillis" Samuelsson's Twin turbo charged Top Doorslammer Viper.

Walm Racing Multi car Team. Bjorn Holmberg's Nissan Cherry - quickest FWD in Europe.

Wulcano Racing 2014 FIA Pro Modified Champion, back in 2016 with a new car.


Banana Racing Bunch

Blown Nugget '38 Chevy Supercharged Outlaw

Peter Bossert Funny bike.

Fat Attack Racing - Urs Erbacher's Top Fuel Dragster and Supertwin team.

Golden Vette Bruno Bader's '63 Corvette Pro Mod

Dezsoe Krivan's Top Methanol Funny Car team

Schlegel Racing Martin Schlegel's Super Pro ET '37 Chevy.

Trouble Racing Marcus Hilt's ProMod Chevrolet Corvette 1963 Racing Team from Switzerland.

Noah Stutz Top Fuel racer.

Team Whitecross Sascha Pretzsch's Comp Eliminator Chevy Cavalier x-jegs.

United Kingdom

4130 Motor Club Ross Chisholm-Brown's Golf.

AFB Drag Racing Shawn 'Shamus' Rodman's Super Twin Top Fuel Bike racing in the NAST.

Another Small Fortune Racing Martyn Jones's five-second-capable Super Pro ET dragster.

Apache Nostalgia Funny Car Tim Garlick and Perry Antoniou's five second Firebird.

Apocalypse Motorsport Chris Orthodoxou's Dodge Viper GTS.

Atkin Racing Paula Atkin - first British Woman doorslammer driver into the sixes at 200mph

Automanics Race n' Resto Ken Blomer's VW Karmann Ghia - and friends.

B-Rookie Racing Richard Brooks' VW Pro Golf.

Backdraft "Crazy" Chris Hartnell's Junior Fuel Sling-Shot Dragster from the Wild Bunch

Bandit Drag Cart JohnnyMo's 1200cc Suzuki Bandit-powered drag kart, built and driven by Wayne Turner.

Banzai Topolino Ian Merryweather's Topolino Altered.

Barker's Busa Super Street Bike Drag Race Team Nigel Barker's Seven Second Turbo GSX1300R.

Dave Beck Racing Pro Stock bike team

Bennett Racing The Bennett Family and their blown Topolino running in the NFAA and blown Austin Bantam altered.

Big CC Racing Motorcycle race team

Billy The Kid Racing Bill MacDermid's Street Eliminator '69 Camaro

Martin Bishop Pro Stock Bike Team

Black Wanger Racing Dave Crowhurst's Subaru-powered Beetle

Bootsoop/Bristol Doorslammers Zane Llewllyn and his buddies from Bristol.

Brad Jackson Racing Super Pro Dragster sponsored by Lucas Oil.

Buggered Beetle Racing Kaylee Jackson's VWSP Beetle.

The Butcher's Shop Antony Wilkins' Street Eliminator Super Minx Van.

Camaro Drag Racing Simon Gough's Super Pro ET Camaro, 2015 champion.

Team Capri Racing Street Racer Sunday Capri's

Andy Carter Four time FIA Top Fuel Champion

Cobra Racing Don Brittain's Sportsman ET Mustang.

Team Cooperized Nice site detailing everything about the popular drag bike team.

Pete Crane The first European Top Fuel Dragster driver into the Fives.

Cunning Coupe Tony Smith's Wildbunch dragster project

Dave Wilson Racing 5.2s/270mph A/Fuel Dragster - for sale or hire.

DASH Racing Slingshot dragsters Chemical Reaction, Ramraider and Black Pig Too run by Darryl and Sarah Howells Des Taylor Includes a great in-depth look at Des' racing career

John Sleath Racing Constructor and racer of doorslammers including the amazing diesel truck.

Lindsay Deuchar's Top Methanol Dragster team pages

Double Density Sam Freeman and his Super Pro ET Altered.

Drummin' Man Joe Kellett - Rock n' Roll Racing in Super Pro ET Dragster.

Mad Hatter Gordon Northway's Super Pro ET truck, aiming for the sevens.

Electromec Racing Mark Ramplee's Super Comp Sierra.

Fay Fischer's SpeedFlow Racing Super Pro team

F & A Racing Chris Andrews and Mac Forbes' Top Fuel team

FB Racing Ian Hooks Street Eliminator 34 Ford Coupe - now retired

FGR Motorsport Car builders and Funny Car team with Jason Phelps.

Fireforce Martin Hill's Jet Funny Cars

Firestorm Roger Goring's J-85 powered Jet Funny Car

Fred Furlong 9.50 bike team

Freddy's Revenge Blown Alcohol Altered

French Injection Racing Steve French's Funny Bike.

Billy Gane Racing Super Pro ET and Super Comp '68 Vauxhall Victor.

GB Racing Running the Escape from Reality altered

Gecko Drag Race Team Steve and Sara Unsworth's Sportsman ET Mustang.

Gold RV Racing Derek Flynn and his Super Pro ET Dragster team, driver Lisa Selles.

Grey Vegas Racing Kim and Mark Bishop's slingshot dragster.

Team Gridlock Adz Price and the Go Hard or Go Home Wild Bunch Topolino.

The Happening IV Construction of four cylinder front engined dragster.

Sylvia Hauser Racing Many photos of doorslammer champion from 70s and 80s.

Havoc Drag Racing Nick Davies and Rob Loaring's Fuel Altered, rebuilt for 2016.

Highly Medicated Racing Alex Knott's VW Pro Beetle.

Highway To Hell Junior Dragster Team Dylan Bradley's Junior Dragster.

Time is Money Racing John and Tom Atkinson's Mk 1 Ford Cortina estate

Slimline Racing Russ Heaven's injected slingshot dragster and an entertaining blog.

Hellraiser Andy Folberths funnybike team

Hunter Motorsport UK Neil Hunter and his Comp Eliminator Firebird and Pro ET Capri.

Hyena Motorcycle Drag Racing Team

IMC Racing Iain Burns and Mopar Menance

Insane Creations Ron Haslett's Street Eliminator team

JADE Racing. Jerry Collier's world record-holding two-stroke Supertwin Top Gas team. News, info and pictures on all the UK's junior bikes

Karmann Korruption Paul Day's VW Sportsman Team.

Kaz Aston Raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis Trust.

King Racing Ian King's Top Fuel Bike Team

Knights Arrow experimental Hybrid Rocket car driven by James Macfarlane, developed by Carolynne Campbell.

Krazy Kat Racing Superstreet Bike team

L&H Racing Lee Darby and his 1953 Chevy 3100 truck, Harley Darby and his Junior Dragster.

Les Harris Beardy Bloke and his Supertwin Top Gas team

Limited Funz. Mark and Harley Coulsell, Steve Cassisi, and Rob and Pete Brown with BallBreaker, Wrathchild and Bandit 1 dragsters.

Lil Loon Racing. Jamie Newbold's scooter.

Little Cherub Racing Phil 'Paso' Steele's Hayabusa Super Street team

Loon Racing. Pete Newbold and his Twist & Go Scooter.

Lucky Devil Drag Racing. Wayne Nicholson's '63 Corvette Pro Mod

LR Racing. Luke Robinson's web site about his dad Andy's Pro Mod operation (last updated 2000)

MadRs Drag Racing Alec Coe's blown slingshot (now retired).

Paul Marston Racing Home to the PMR stable of race cars

Mental Breakdown Wayne Allman's blown alky VW Type 2 pickup.

Never Again Drag Racing Andy Bennett and Dave Evan's Doomsday '68 Impala.

NG Motorsport Nick Good's six second Super Pro ET dragster team.

Obsession Racing Craig Gibbs' '69 Camaro Super Mod.

Frank Mason's "NOT  FADE  AWAY" Super Gas Team

National Association of Supertwins. Info and pics of many of the UK Supertwins.

NDA Drag Racing Team Fi Sinclair, John Mills, Phil Unsworth,

Nicky Frost Racing Pro ET Team

Nitrous Junkie Racing Kev Charman's motorcycle drag racing team.

No Manners Racing Allen Curtis and his Street Legal 300E van

Northern Spirit Racing Racing Neil Townson's '32 Ford alky altered.

Nosferatu Racing Vince Gibbs and Ray Eldred's Super Pro ET Firebird.

Nuthin' Fancy Fuel Altered Racing Joe Bond's NFAA entry

NWRacing Neil Ward's Andromeda slingshot.

Old Vetts Racing Ray Tucker's Street Eliminator Corvette

Out of the Blue Dragster Fi Sinclair's Beetle.

Panther Racing UK Conrad Stanley in the UK's first FIA Pro Stock car and Anna Stanley (Junior Dragster).

Jayne Kay Motorsport Jayne Kay - Nitro Funny Car and Blown Alky Altered racer.

Pro ET Latest news on the UK Pro ET Class

Rabbit Racing Steve Pugh's Beetle.

Rampage Funny Car Dave Ward's Super Pro ET Dragster and Monza Funny Car.

Rough Diamond Racing Dave Gibbon's altered and engineering services.

Andy Robinson UK Pro Mod Racer Andy Robinson.

Scatpac Performance Dodge Plymouth

She Devil Racing Steph and Dave Milam's Top Methanol Funny Car

Barry Sheavills Top Fuel Dragster Driver

Shockwave Fuel Funny Car

Showtime Fuel Funny Car

Smax Smith The irrepressible Smax, now mainlining nitro!

Sportsman ET Site about the entry level class in UK Championship Drag Racing.

Steve Conway Racing Builder and rider of the Brighton Belle GSXR.

Sticky Situation Jordan Payne's Junior Dragster.

Sticky Situation Junior Dragster Team Nigel Payne's '62 Corvette Super Mod

Storm Dragbike The world's first compound turbo motorcycle and dragbike blog.

Pat & Steve Talbot's Super Pro Team Pages

Taz Racing Wild Fiat 126s and much more.

TDR Scooters Team Dwarf Racing twist and go Scooters.

Team Orange Steve & Jayne Wells' Blown Pop pick-up

Team Twisted Husband and wife team campaigning a 23T Altered

Time Machine Homepage of Time Machine Racing's latest venture

Tony Morris Ex pat Brit now mainly racing in the USA

Trespasser Pinto powered wildbunch slingshot

Turboville Racing Father and daughter team that build, tune and drive dragsters

Turner Racing - Multi time British championship-winning Team

Two Brothers Racing Jiri Lukes' Kawasaki Funny Bike and Jan Lukes' Pro ET Ford Escort.

UK Junior Drag Racing Junior Drag Racing in the UK (last update 2002).

Ven Racing Home of Steve Venables and the UK's first 7 second Super Street Bike.

Venom Racing Tony Betts' fuel altered team.

Walking the Dog Dedicated to the fans and followers of the Houndog Team from the 60's, 70's and 80's

Walters Motorsport Driver Peter Walters, Crew Chief Richard Walters.

Warp Speed Racing Stuart Crane's Dale Leeks' and Mark Smith's bikes.

Belle & Paige Wheeler Junior Dragster multi-car team.

Wikid Racing Paul Spiers' '69 Camaro Super Comp.

Andy Williams' Super Comp Dragster.

The Wild Bunch

Woollatt Racing The Dealer Top Fuel bike.

X-Terminator Supertwin Fuel bike (last updated 2003)

Xtreme Wheels Racing Bob Glassup's NFAA Topolino and Matt Glassup's Super Pro ET dragster

Xtreme Wheels Racing Blog News from Matt Glassup aims to bring you links to all the best European Drag Racing web sites. To add your site to Eurodragster's listings, simply email with your URL and a little information about your site and we'll do the rest. When you update your site, drop us a line at and we'll feature your site in our "What's New" section. is a non-profit-making organisation run by a small group of Drag Racing enthusiasts for the sole purpose of promoting European Drag Racing. If you can help us to meet the modest cost of hosting this web site by advertising here, please email We're sure you'll find our rates extremely competitive.

est. When you update your site, drop us a line at and we'll feature your site in our "What's New" section. is a non-profit-making organisation run by a small group of Drag Racing enthusiasts for the sole purpose of promoting European Drag Racing. If you can help us to meet the modest cost of hosting this web site by advertising here, please email We're sure you'll find our rates extremely competitive. ef=""> We're sure you'll find our rates extremely competitive.