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European and UK Champions' Champions

European Championships to 2019

Honorary staff member Andy Marrs of TSI Timers has produced an analysis of FIA and FIM European Championships points tallies since the Championships' inceptions. Andy has looked through European Championship points and has calculated cumulative points earned and Top Tens based on total points won since 1996 (FIA) / 1992 (FIM) as well as Championship wins:

FIA European Champions' Champions
FIM European Champions' Champions

FIA European Champions from 1996
FIM European Champions from 1992

FIA qualifying and results from 1996
FIM qualifying and results from 1998

FIA round wins from 1996
FIM round wins from 1998

UK Championships to 2021 editor Simon Groves has looked through the MSA British Drag Racing, UK National Drag Racing, and ACU UK Drag Bike Championships points tallies since the Championships started in 1999 and has calculated Top Twenties based on total points won between 1999 and 2021 as well as Championship and Event wins:

UK National Drag Racing Championships for car classes
ACU UK Drag Bike Championships and UK National Drag Racing Championships for bike classes

In the exceptional circumstances of 2020, the three event Covid Cup was not an official championship in cars or bikes, however the information has been included in this non-official analysis for the sake of completeness.