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Dave Russell (Super Pro ET)
Latest news:

1st May: Springspeed Nats coverage.
NHRA's happiest loser.
Web site updates.

30th April: SFI 16.1 driver restraint recall.
Event entry update.
Simple: We can't stay away.

29th April: Sagelv's new ride.
Burgess Ties up a sponsor.
View from a Bridge.
Swift snippets.
Rat Trap, Thacker and Friends.

28th April: Springspeed Nats running order I.
50 Shades of Big Bang.
First round Fudder.
Swift snippets.
Springspeed Nats Perfect Awards.
Springspeed Nats coverage.

27th April: FIM/FIM Main Event entry.
Preparing Havoc to reign.
Hope for Nimbus Motorsport.
The Mob turns Psycho.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

26th April: Springspeed Nats racer update.
Ashdown: It's the nuts!
Brown's Vegas tale.
The UK's coolest quarter mile?
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
Draper Tools on their trolley.
BDRHoF honour the Juniors.

25th April: Springspeed Nats Junior update.
Big Bang results.

23rd April: Event entry update.

22nd April: Post en Dros racer offer.
Going west with the Turners.
The PT Bruiser fuelled for its return.
Web site updates.

21st April: Event entry update.
Our Kirstie needs your help.
Web site updates.
LAS Aerospace back Allard Chrysler.

20th April: Swift snippets.

19th April: Big Bang racer update.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

18th April: All welcome at Drag and Drift II.
York Raceway offers fuel outlet.
Big Bang Perfect Awards.
NHRA's BDRHoF Award.

17th April: Like father, like daughter.

16th April: SPRC seeking tyres for sleds.
Read's record aims.
Main Event Pit Tour guides sought.
Swift snippets.

14th April: FIA Main Event entry update.

13th April: The return of the Duo of Destruction.
The Outlaws' early outing.

12th April: Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

11th April: Feature: SPR 50th Anniversary gallery.
Swift snippets.
Europeans and more in Las Vegas.
Some you win, some you lose.

9th April: Lindberg to drive The Old 51.
The Baltic States join the fold.
See LA for Holley and more.

8th April: H's Scary tribute.
A Split weekend.
Swift snippets.
Gearhead Garage UK Top Sportsman.

6th April: Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
The plan comes together I.
The plan comes together II.

5th April: Festival of Power awards roll over.
Swift snippets.

4th April: Feature: Long Time Dead.
Web site updates.
More welcome returnees.

2nd April: Grødem announces retirement.

1st April: Business as usual!
Swift snippets.
Easter Street Eliminator review.
Web site updates.

31st March: FAO racers: SPRC scrutineering tickets.
Honouring Scary.
Swift snippets.
Priddle makes IDRHoF date.

29th March: Sarah Jane Head funeral update.

28th March: Festival of Power rained out.

25th March: Swift snippets.
SPR announce new lane sponsor.

24th March: Sarah Jane Head's funeral.
Peak Performance Day rained out.
Help urgently needed.
Ten years of Design.
Training for your safety: The sequel.
Drag Racing in the press.
NHRA Gatornationals notes V.
Web site updates.

23rd March: Festival of Power: bring your change.
Swift snippets.

22nd March: Attention Junior racers.
Festival of Power racer update. Perfect Awards 2016.
Swift snippets.
Four or five out of five?

21st March: Sarah Jane Head.
Crawford's Clean up.
Got the Bug again.
Swift snippets.

20th March: Run What You Brung coverage.
NHRA Gatornationals notes IV.
#Waiting over.
Swift snippets.
An honoured guest returns.

19th March: Webcam on test today.
Big Bang entry.
NHRA Gatornationals notes III.
No-one here but us chickens...
Swift snippets.

18th March: NHRA Gatornationals notes II.
Giordmaina's success story.
Track snippets.
Swift snippets.

17th March: Welcome Wobblebox Hire.
NHRA Gatornationals notes I.

16th March: Event entry update.
Swift snippets.

15th March: Feature: UK SFI Day.
2016 European Top Gas calendar.
A TMD at sixty.
Swift snippets.

14th March: Dakota Raceway opens for 2016.

13th March: Swift snippets.

11th March: An Easter invitation.
Swift snippets.

10th March: 2016 European Pro Stock preview.
Swift snippets.
Save the children.

9th March: Festival of Power entry.
Sharing Shortys.
Socking it to them.
Swift snippets.
Another win for Flamholc.

8th March: Lottie's new livery.
Beat the World Champion, then...

7th March: Support blows Lisa away.
Swift snippets.

6th March: APIRA Perpetual Award winners.
Swift snippets.

5th March: Allard Chrysler Dragster seeks crew.
Swift snippets.
Seven runs on the bounce.

4th March: Fletcher signs up with Pers.
First-footing in Orlando.
Swift snippets.

3rd March: Eight-second grass roots.
Swift snippets.

2nd March: Racing as a UK team in 2016?
Slyfield's progress.
Swift snippets.
PDRC honour 2015 Champions.

1st March: sponsorship 2016.
Web site updates.

News in
Lucas Oil continue JD backing.
Like Lisa's Innovation?
Street Eliminator set for 2016. on the 18th.
SFI 15.4 Top Fuel rear wheels.
SPR seeking slicks for sleds.
Enter Highlander II.
Spitfire Raceway open for 2016.
Junior Dragster/FC inspection update.
ET Bike update.
Welcoming Nostalgia Superstock.
Vincents return to Long Marston.
Santa Pod's new bike festival.
Mintex sponsor 2016 Allards.
Outlaw Anglia honours.
Still living the dream!
Preparing the next step...
Miss STP and The Shoe attend HoF Gala.
UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting report.
Shakespeare County Raceway statement.
UK Top Sportsman entry open.
Calling all slingshots...
...calling all Tri Chevys.
Serck extend SCR support.
Holmberg gets set.
Warning: TRS lever latch harness.
Jackson's new livery.
BDRHoF Gala hotel booking open.
SPRC Presentation gallery.
SPRC Perpetual Award winners.
Vegter's energetic sponsor.
Pro Modified converter update.
Oscar's annual Hospice help.
Santa Pod extend VP contingency.
Slyfield honoured.
Attention Pro Modified racers.
The award for ingenuity and service...
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.