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Robin Read (Nostalgia Dragster)
Latest news:

29th July: NitrOlympX ticket give-away.
Hockenheim track update.
NitrOlympX free webcast.
Event entry update.

28th July: Your chance to shoot trackside!
Mopar EuroNats results.
Swift snippets.

27th July: Summer Nationals webcast.
The Beach Bomb drops in.

26th July: Why be boring...
Bikes invited to North Weald.
Euro Top Gas Serie Round 4.

25th July: Event entry update.
UK Top Sportsman I is go.
Bug Jam Street Eliminator review.
More shows on SantaPodTV.

24th July: Estonian Finals on the move.
The Millar's tale.
York's fourth reunion.
Swift snippets.
And Havoc makes three.
Altereds for the Allard.
Having a Gas at Dragstalgia.
Number one on the runway.
Victorious King gets a dunking.
Mopar Euronats Perfect Award.
Mopar EuroNats coverage.
Summer Nationals webcast.
WASP under new ownership.

23rd July: FIA Commission talk 2015.
Invitations to racers.
SCR bike results.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

21st July: Bug Jam results.
Swift snippets.

20th July: Arthur, king for a day.
Web site updates.

19th July: SPRC office unmanned.
Allard needs engine builder.
Quartermile organisation returns.
A weekend to remember.
Erbacher comes up short.
Micallef's season so far.
I saw nothing at 330 feet.
Swift snippets.
Super success.
The blast from the past.
PMR win it all.
Street Eliminator Round 4.
Web site updates.

17th July: The Demonic Doorslammer emerges.
The phone call you dream of...
Double Perfect Awards weekend.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

15th July: Event entry update.
Mopar EuroNats Pro Mod update.
Ladies that Launch update.
Dragstalgia thanks.

12th July: Dragstalgia coverage.
British Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2014.
London Volksfest beckons.

11th July: Bug Jam racer update.
You started it, H.
Swift snippets.

10th July: Make yourselves at home...
Dragstalgia Perfect Award.
Swift snippets.
Mission Impossible achieved!
FIM Europe Round 2 review.
Ladies that Launch raffle.
UK Top Sportsman sponsors.

9th July: Interview: Ron Hope.
NitrOlympX seeks slicks.
Junior event entry update.
Dragstalgia bike preview.
Stone's retirement sale.
Built on sand.
Swift snippets.
Anita "Two Fuellers" Mäkelä
Ålund's tricky weekend.
Web site updates.

7th July: FHRA Nitro Nationals results.
Sherratt to tame the Beast.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

6th July: Tazz in a spin.
Records fall at Kunmadaras.
The wind in your face...
Swift snippets.
European Top Gas review.
Summernats Junior Bike review.
UK Top Sportsman update.

4th July: Swift snippets.

2nd July: Ed O'Connell.
Alastaro prepares.
BSG Racing's début.
3.7s here we come...
Turtle Wax goes International.
Swift snippets.
Stripduster returns.
Web site updates.

1st July: Event entry update.
Swift snippets.

30th June: Little Ladies' own eliminator.
Swift snippets.

29th June: SPRC Summernationals rained out.

28th June: Swift snippets.

27th June: Frustration and the Windy City.
Estonia Round 2 report.
Gabby launches funding project.
Swift snippets.
Top Sportsman entry open.
Caring and sharing at SCR.
Web site updates.

26th June: Erbacher seeks diver.

25th June: Capri fun.
A BXX and a VIP.
Web site updates.

24th June: Event entry update.
A chip off the old Diamond.
Swift snippets.
Lucas Oil support BDRHoF Gala.
Web site updates.

22nd June: Johnson retires.

21st June: Ålund takes Racestar Shootout.

20th June: Scan Internationals entry open.
Summernationals racer update.
Nostalgia Nationals coverage.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

19th June: Byne returns at Dragstalgia.
Classic Nostalgia bikes.
Swift snippets.
Big numbers in Malmö.
Of Ladies and Vulcans.
Pensive PMR.

18th June: Nostalgia cornucopia.

17th June: Tierp event entry opens.
Event entry update.
Swift snippets.

16th June: Flamholc looks for hat-trick.
Race cars sought for Mini demos.
Swift snippets.
PMR School adding cars.
Web site updates.

15th June: A spectacular return.

13th June: Somethin' Fancy at Beaulieu.
Hall of Fame update.
Web site updates.

12th June: One Mile Challenge now Sunday.
Scorpion cheats death.
A bad-ass truck goes 10.5.
Batty sets European best.
5th Grand Nationals report.
Smax's state visit.
Shock and smoke at North Weald.
Web site updates.
Racepak offer shock logging.

11th June: Event entry update.

9th June: Enter the Bentley hunter.
Estonia, Latvia Round 1.
Clock's running!
UK Top Sportsman update.
All lubed up!
Swift snippets.
Don't forget the old guy...
MPM team unfazed by wild ride.
King's dual points lead.
Street Eliminator Round 3.
Euro Top Gas Round 2.
Old Skool Ford Round 3.
F&A Racing to the rescue.
Web site updates.

7th June: All welcome to North Weald 2.

6th June: An invitation to go Mad.
Racers sought for shows.
Swift snippets.
Oscar in pink at midnight.
Editor's note.

4th June: Event entry update.

3rd June: NitrOlympX entry open.
Shockwave / Team Rock split.
Personal Best and points accrued.
Packaging the data.
Lee joins BDRHoF panel.

2nd June: Strong start for Pro Dutch Racing.
Ålund continues the roll.
Red Rampage.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

1st June: Lost wedding ring sought.

News in
Testing the fuel and chasing the €.
More new Blood.
Anita drives happy.
The bronco has been tamed!
Hope's Stock appearance.
A new Doorslammer best.
New kid on the block.
F&A Racing support Huxleys.
Garlits guests at BDRHoF Gala.
A second great start to the season.
Zodiac aim for title defence.
Cracks stop Bell's weekend.
Overpowered and over here.
Stutz on 2014.
Connor's empty piggy bank.
A match made in heaven.
Mac Tools back Team Topspeed.
Gassers are go!
Hot Rod House offer sub-frames.
Flint back BDRHoF gala.
Tethys enters the fray.
SPR start area reminder.
Speedgroup Contingency update.
Laura's car collection.
Wright reaches for the sky.
Step-a-Side until next time.
PMR defend North Weald record.
Toten leads the way.
Marketing, Croatian style.
Steele and Mead Bonneville bound.
Ow, that smarts.
First round at Kunmadaras.
North Weald opens for 2014.
Hawkins Travels to WB best.
Angie sorry for break.
Malmgren: Just enjoy it.
Pro Stock seeks similar.
The ME Racing pow-wow.
On the avoidance of bananas.
Eight Anglias, Anglia eight.
Tierp 1 cancelled.
Bengtsson stays home.
King of Valdosta.
Tierp FIM dates to be removed.
Bartlett on Festival of Power.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.