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Paul Hudson (Super Comp)
Latest news:

25th February: Swift snippets.

24th February: Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

23rd February: Waving goodbye at Andersen Racing.
2015 French ATD calendar.
APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 6.

21st February: UK Riders' and Drivers' meeting report.
Hall of Fame Gala DVD released.

20th February: The return of the Toy.
APIRA presentation still booking...
...APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 5.

19th February: PMR's 2015 plans.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
VP Racing Fuels press release.

18th February: Roger Butterworth's funeral.

16th February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 4.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

14th February: Help sought.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

12th February: Swift snippets.

11th February: Andersens: We meant what we said.
van der Wijden succumbs to virus.
Santa Pod DFDS deal continues.
Swift snippets.
SPR announce 2015 sponsors.

9th February: Fake HANS Device alert.
Brown's Shorty from Grand Rapids.
APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 3.
SPRC Presentation gallery.
Swift snippets.

8th February: SPRC Perpetual Award winners.

7th February: UK Riders' and Drivers' reminder.
Swift snippets.

6th February: FIM Finland cancellation confirmed.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

5th February: Comanche back UK Top Sportsman.
Swift snippets.

3rd February: Terry Axe.

2nd February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 2.
Swift snippets.
Bilsport banquet.
Got hair? Let it down.
VP hail X16 success.

31st January: Bremnes' and Jones' RFM Easter.

29th January: Welcome Phoenix Personnel.
Swift snippets.
Dial In Day: Your chance to learn.

27th January: 2015 UK Power Tour is go.
Outlaw Anglia salute winners.
Swift snippets.
Santa Pod signs Recruit.

26th January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 1.

24th January: PMR offers Inspiration.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

22nd January: 2015 UK Riders' and Drivers' meeting.
Full SFI Tour schedule.

21st January: Netherlands SFI Tour stop.
Swift snippets.

20th January: FIM Europe rules, officials' seminar.

19th January: Feature: Corr on tuning for Top Fuel.
Revealed: The new Miss-Guided.
Jackson's new clothes.

18th January: Swift snippets.

16th January: PRO Winter Warm-Up webcast.
Gipp Racing sponsors, riders.
The Beast's 2015 plans.
Superstock's second Shootout.
Swift snippets.
Dragracing marknad.
Invitation to Bechyne.

14th January: Clive Mills.

13th January: SPRC Dinner Dance hotel rooms.
Bartlett's view from Autosport.
Swift snippets.
Anslow seeks help.
A nine-driver field.
VP celebrates forty years.
Web site updates.

11th January: Autosport International report.
Swift snippets.

9th January: The Bomber goes high-yield.

8th January: Introducing MSEF.
Swift snippets.

6th January: NitrOlympX: Lackey speaks out.
End of the lollipop.
Swift snippets.
Noise and fumes, all welcome.
APIRA Presentation booking...
...SPRC Dinner Dance closing.

4th January: Swift snippets.

2nd January: Nitro Bug update.
ESLA announce international dates.
Quartermile Pro events.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

30th December: 2015 FIA regulations published.

28th December: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 5.
Hall of Fame announces 2015 Gala.
PMR seats available.

24th December: JT posts Top Sportsman bonus.
VWDRC do the honours.
Swift snippets.
2014 Champions' Champions.
Drag Racing Unplugged XVI.'s Christmas break.

22nd December: Feature: Marshall Dickson Racing.
SSB: A new Hope.
Web site updates.
Simpson Christmas Carbon offer.
Happy Birthday Champ!

21st December: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 4.
Swift snippets.

19th December: Welcome Hillingdon Speed and Spares.
Swift snippets.

17th December: Out for the Count.
Straightliners presentation.
Swift snippets.

16th December: Bomber, BDRHoF Christmas gifts.
Swift snippets.
Stutz' back and forward view.
Lucas, Santa Pod Autosport hook-up.

15th December: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 3.

13th December: Hackers' Strip act.
Web site updates.

11th December: Top Dragster, non-dragsters welcome.
Swift snippets.
Zeon TV DVDs review.
Flamholc's PDRA plans.

9th December: Swift snippets.
Big Splendid Meals and more.

8th December: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 2.
Red Victor 5.
Big day for the Wild Bunch.
Junior Drag Bike season review.

7th December: Zeon TV DVDs available.

5th December: 2015 FIA calendar ratified.

4th December: Giles sits out 2015.
Swift snippets.
On The Bottle, Comanche hook up.
Web site updates.

2nd December: UK Top Sportsman 2015.
Swift snippets.
An afternoon with a legend.
First BDRHoF Junior bonus won.

1st December: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 1.
Swift snippets.

News in
No better first recipient.
Doing Paula proud.
FIA announce Nataas sanction.
Hockenheim invites Outlaws.
Thanks for a successful Gala.
Wild Bunch honour Champions.
Thirty minutes with Big Daddy.
Big Daddy dines at his Club.
SCR announce events sponsor.
Polidano to attend FIA Gala.
Pro ET and the tumbling dice.
The ultimate Ask the Expert?
Annus horribilis.
Joosten's Swedish export.
FIA Championships update.
Mattias of Arabia.
On The Bottle in the fast lane.
A cast of thousands...
A league of extraordinary gentlemen.
Record won with WON.
Winter reading from WASP.
Notice to FIA racers.
Gabby seeks thesis help.
Nicole the Mendip Hillbilly.
A passage for Jndia.
Serck in the fast lane.
2015 Estonian calendar.
Flamholc Racing moves on.
Stutz gains respect.
Champion seeks crew.
Holmberg looking to 2015.
A Hall of Fame birthday.
92nd mission accomplished.
More Insanity in 2015.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.