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9th August: Summit Racing Scandinavian Internationals preview.
Jumping for Hayley.
Pepper wins USC shootout.
Swift snippets.

8th August: Speed Week curtailed.
Drag Challenge review.
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7th August: Swift snippets.

6th August: JT's bonus pool.
Gasser Circus Mopars report.
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5th August: Dakota's show and go weekend.
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4th August: Gardermoen Drag Challenge this weekend.
Mantorp Drag Revival review.
Super Twin Top Gas rounds 3 and 4 report.
Stig signals break with FIA.
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3rd August: Stilwell heads towards salt.
Hayley - we're fighting with you.
Nostalgia Super Stock report from Nïamh.
Mopar Euronationals snippets.
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2nd August: The Beast is back.
Mopar Euronationals racer quotes.
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1st August: Event entry update.
Mopar Euro Nationals results.
Straightliners 25th Anniversary results and galleries.
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30th July: 28th Mopar Euro Nationals coverage.
Straightliners' 25th anniversary at Melbourne.
TOPDON Top Fuel magic.

28th July: VP Racing Fuels seminar at Tierp meeting.
Drag Revival at Mantorp.
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27th July: Hawk Racing Bug Jam report.
The Huxleys at Bug Jam.
Mopar Euro Nationals perfect awards.
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26th July: STP Green Light Nationals entry deadline.
Bug Jam 35 racer comments.
Dual Fuel Racing Bug Jam 35 report.
Unusual Car Sales UK latest.
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25th July: Bug Jam 35 results.
Lydden Hill Custom Cup gallery.
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23rd July: Bug Jam 35 coverage.
German rule book changes 2022.

21st July: Gasser Circus at Dragstalgia.
Grumpy's R&R (return and retirement).
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20th July: Nik Wadsworth.
Lydden Hill Custom Cup adds RWYB.
Happy Birthday Arthur!
Malta Hal Far Night Event results.
Anniversary of first SPR side by side British AA/FD match race.
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19th July: Mopar Euro Nationals close this Friday.
STP Greenlight Nationals entry update.
Bug Jam pitting and preview.
Bug Jam perfect awards.
Sportsman ET Bug Jam reaction time award.
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18th July: Martin Jarman.
Pragmatis leads Melbourne Junior Dragster prize money.
Ford Show gallery.
Cannon Racing bike for sale.
DMSB delegates drag racing in Germany to DMV.
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17th July: Nitrobear Racing lives on.
Clastres results and media.
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16th July: Motor Psycho's Dragstalgia.
Trakbytes update.
Street Race Sweden leaderboard.
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15th July: Dragstalgia NSA shootout report.
Street Race Sweden report.
32 clubs for Ford Show.
NSS Lifestyle points posted.

14th July: Bug Jam racer update.
Firecracker for sale.
Summit Racing Internationals preview.
BDRHoF Auction at Dragstalgia.
Daddy Cool's innards exposed.
28 days to Bonneville Speed Week.

13th July: Reno Kraus.
Hobbs' last ride.
Dragstalgia car class racer comments and media.
Swift snippets.

12th July: National and SPRC points update.
Dragstalgia Cannonball racer comments.
Time Warp at Dragstalgia.
Dakota Raceway busy on Saturday.

11th July: Dragstalgia results.
Swift snippets.

9th July: British Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2022.
Dragstalgia coverage.

8th July: Five guys acquire Dos Palmas dragster.
Dragstalgia coverage.

7th July: Dragstalgia Gasser Circus preview.
Dragstalgia ever-presents 2022.
Dragstalgia Perfect Light bonus.
Dakota Raceway this Saturday.
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6th July: Summer Nationals racer comments - bike classes.
Renegade Outlaw Anglia Dragstalgia preview.
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5th July: Summer Nationals racer comments - car classes.
Sjödin repeats at Kauhava.
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4th July: STP Summer Nationals results.
Hobbs memorabilia for BDRHoF auction.
Grumpy's return.
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2nd July: STP Summer Nationals coverage.

1st July: Andy Carter by the numbers.
BDRHoF's grand Dragstalgia auction.
Hewison Thames gasser breaks cover.
STP Summer Nationals coverage.
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30th June: Summer Nationals racer bulletin.
Custom Car Invitational returns to Dragstalgia.
8.50 Bike's record field at Summer Nationals.
STP Summer Nationals Perfect Awards.
Big weekend for European drag races.
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29th June: Ålund back in business.
A sad day for drag racing.
Custom Gang Racing's new car revealed.
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28th June: FIM-E Championship update.
NitrOlympX sportsman quotas.
Sjödin Motorsport triumph at Tierp.
This Saturday at Spitfire Raceway.
German FWD Shootout at Zerbst.
Swift snippets.

27th June: Midsummer Northern Showdown results.
Fast Show Reloaded gallery.
Summer Nationals traffic alert.
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25th June: STP Summer Nationals racer update.
Midsummer Northern Showdown coverage.
Gasser Circus Retro Show report.
Himmel och Helvete...som vanligt.
Heaven & usual.
Custom Car Star.
Swift snippets.

24th June: Private test day video, gallery.
Serres Race this weekend.
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23rd June: Big Bracket announced for Greenlight Nationals.
Tierp Arena racing guaranteed for five years.
Super Twin Top Gas report from Tierp Arena.
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22nd June: Callout for Dragstalgia Cracklefest and Fire Burnout cars.
The NitrolympX is back!
Spy picture.
Blasts from the past in HD.
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21st June: John Hale to drive for Elsom.
Melbourne Raceway Midsummer Northern Showdown.
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20th June: Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals results.
Retro Show results, gallery.
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19th June: Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals eliminations.
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18th June: Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals qualifying, day 2.
Happy Wedding Day Chris and Nicole!
NSA at WZ: a whole lot of ‘Boz’ going on.
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17th June: Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals qualifying, day 1.
Helmet visors.
Retro Show preview.
JT's offer to The Boss.
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16th June: John Hobbs' final appearance.
Bonneville beckons.
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15th June: Tierp Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals.
Summit Racing Equipment Super Series returns.
BDRHOF Benevolent Fund donates to Melbourne.
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14th June: Drachten's Dragrace Madness.
Straightliners on the Isle of Man.
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13th June: Lydden Hill No Prep at Custom Cup Event.
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11th June: VWDRC Drag Day results.
Morrison Racing expands.
Nostalgia Nationals Gasser Circus report.
Swift snippets.

10th June: NSA in Westonzoyland this weekend.
Results from Clastres.
Swift snippets.

9th June: VW Drag Day tomorrow.
Spy picture.
Drachten Internationals this weekend.
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8th June: Flyin' Fyfer flies.
100e Challenge Nostalgia Nationals report.
Racer quotes from Nostalgia Nationals.
Swift snippets.

7th June: Nostalgia Nationals racer comments.
Summer Nationals party in the pits.
FIA/FIM-E by the numbers.
Mälardalen Open #9 at Kjula Dragway.
Swift snippets.

6th June: Santa Pod racers' June entry update.
Nostalgia Nationals rained off.
Team Annie prizewinners at Clastres.
Swift snippets.

5th June: NSRA Nostalgia Nationals coverage.

2nd June: Gasser Circus Nostalgia Nationals preview.
Chris O's Main Event.
Hawk Racing wins FC at Main Event.
Kauhava FIM-E cancelled.
Nordic events review and preview.
Swift snippets.

1st June: Main Event bike class racer comments.
JT's tough times.
Outlaw Anglia Nostalgia Nationals preview.
Malta round one report.
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8.50 Bike's record field at Summer Nationals.
Big weekend for European drag races.
Ålund back in business.
Sjödin Motorsport triumph at Tierp.
German FWD Shootout at Zerbst.
Heaven & usual.
Custom Car Star.
Tierp Arena racing guaranteed for five years.
John Hale to drive for Elsom.
NSA at WZ: a whole lot of ‘Boz’ going on.
John Hobbs' final appearance.
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Pioneer stories.
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