Latest news:

19th September: NSRA Hot Rod Drags coverage.
Melbourne Round 5, Straightliners, Duck-All Prep coverage.

16th September: Dale Edmonds.
Hot Rod Drags Gasser Circus preview.
EDRS Champions crowned.
Doorslammer Tour Finals.
Apache A is retiring.

15th September: Euro Finals Shootout bike class racer comments.
Swift snippets.

14th September: Euro Finals Shootout car class racer comments.
Euro Finals Shootout car media.
Second Coming apparel available.

13th September: Euro Finals Shootout results.
Melbourne Raceway's Duck All prep 18th and 19th September.
Hans Olav Olstad injured.

11th September: Stuart Bradbury elected to International Drag Racing Hall of Fame.
Euro Finals Shootout coverage.

10th September: NSRA previews Hot Rod Drags.
Mace win do.
Northern Spirit's lifted.
VP Racing Fuels Powers Winners at Doorslammers 2021.
LS turbo into Cortina will go.

8th September: Euro Finals Shootout racer update.
G2E Motorsport partners with Santa Pod for TF and FC Shootouts.
Euro Finals Shootout perfect awards.
Furyous thanks.
Mosten Rock n' Race report.
Shark Attack to the north.

7th September: Invitation to Flame & Thunder.
VP Racing Fuels Doorslammers racer quotes, timing data, media.
The Burndown.
Special prize for Euro Finals Juniors.
Gladiator Colouring Competition.
ACU report and preview.

6th September: Dick Cruse.
VP Racing Fuels Doorslammers results.
Mark Windridge's tribute to Kevin Mortimer.
Spitfire Raceway Drag and Drift this Saturday.
Swift snippets.

5th September: VW Action / VP Racing Fuels Doorslammers coverage.

2nd September: Post-Greenlight Nationals points posted.
VW Action/VP Racing Fuels Doorslammers preview.
Prize fund for Spitfire Raceway.

1st September: National Finals entry closes Friday.
ACU points updated.
Carla and Rick at the Mid Sweden Nats.
Swift snippets.

31st August: Teboul for Euro Finals.
Lindahls winners at Malmö.
The generation game.

30th August: VP Racing Fuels named official fuel of Doorslammers.
Firestorm's new PB at Ford Show.
Julie's Bowling Green win.
Swift snippets.

28th August: Further prize for Perfect Light Award winners.
Kasey remembered.
JT repairs.

27th August: Ford Show preview.
Williams Bros Speed Shop to sponsor Doorslammers Big Bracket.
EDRS update.
Malmö Winter Natz this weekend.
Swift snippets.

26th August: Mustang Owners Club GB private track day.
Hippo-Drones at SPR.
Crew required for Comp Eliminator AMX.
Top Doorslammer at Motopark.

25th August: Doorslammers entry deadline this Friday.
Colin's Outlaw Anglia update.
Wild Bunch news update.
Fueltech Nitrobike Showdown back in Finland.

24th August: RIP Crew Killer burnouts.
Greenlight Nationals racer comments.
Frantic for sale.

23rd August: European Finals update.
SPRC European Finals refund.
STP Greenlight Nationals results.
Billadeau NSS lifestyle champion.
Howlin Hauler on the mend.
Jesus's Second Coming.

22nd August: NGK Anger Management 2.0 breaks cover.
STP Greenlight Nationals coverage.

20th August: Event entry update.
Motor Psycho returns.
1000 and (still) counting runs!
Gredzinski '80s book progresses.
This weekend in Europe.

19th August: STP Greenlight Nationals racer update.
Duck-All Prep at Melbourne.
Swift snippets.
Spitfire Raceway drag and drift coming up.

18th August: Greenlight Nationals preview.
STP Greenlight Nationals Perfect awards.
Julie on list of NHRA Future Stars.

17th August: SPR event entry update.
Drag Day debuts.
Northern No Prep.
HOFtalk #12, gala decision.
Tierp snippets.
Diamonds for sale.

16th August: Scandinavian Nationals rained off.
VWDRC Heads Up at Das Auto Show.

15th August: Eliminations at Tierp.
Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals Saturday report.
New cars and PBs at Tierp.
Swift snippets.

14th August: Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals Friday report.
Get well soon Dave Grabham!

12th August: Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals preview and prize draw.
Julie wins at Indy.
Trakbytes update.
Swift snippets.

11th August: Gardermoen Drag Challenge report.
Sunny Drag Challenge for youngster Tian.
Mälardalen Open results, media.
First contact memories restored?
Bonneville snippets.

10th August: SPR Marshal positions vacant.
Euro Finals Shootout biggest UK drag race for two years.
Wildcat at large.
Goodwood Revival celebrates NHRA.
New racer and sponsor for 100e Challenge.
First contact memories.

9th August: Melbourne Raceway round 4 results.
USC FWD Shootout results.
Swift snippets.

8th August: Melbourne Raceway Round 4 coverage.
Gardermoen and Bonneville streaming.

6th August: Dishforth debut.
Malta night event.
Swift snippets.

5th August: Ford Show demo drag cars callout.
Doorslammers entries now open.
ACU points posted.
Clastres report.
Swift snippets.

4th August: VWDRC Drag Days entry open.
Gasser Circus at the Mopars.
Wild Bunch news update.
Mantorp Drag Revival.

3rd August: Davies wins PM, 20 years on.
Keith Lee sells scooter - again.
Rodfathers car show appeal.
Swift snippets.

2nd August: 27th Mopar Euro Nationals results.
Goodale triumphs after six rounds.
Fueltech Nitro Bike Showdown reaches potential.

1st August: 27th Mopar Euro Nationals coverage.

30th July: Williams Bros Racing debut COPO.
Whitehouse does Gleadows.

29th July: Greenlight Nationals entry closing tomorrow.
Surrey Pioneers' reunion at Blackbushe.
Mopar Euro Nationals Perfect Awards.
Big Summit prize for Tierp race.

29th July: Greenlight Nationals entry closing tomorrow.
Surrey Pioneers' reunion at Blackbushe.
Mopar Euro Nationals Perfect Awards.
Big Summit prize for Tierp race.

27th July: Car signing on and scrutineering at SPRC events.
Three threes are...
Ida's Top Fuel baptism.
Post-Bug Jam points posted.
Hodson's big Bug Jam haul.
Swift snippets.

26th July: Event entry update.
Bug Jam results.
Supercharged Outlaws at Bug Jam.
Lydden Hill No Prep report, gallery.
Dutch PM teams for Tierp.
M&M Racing's Summer Nationals.
Swift snippets.

24th July: Bug Jam coverage.

23rd July: Lydden Hill No Prep this weekend.
Newmarket charity display appeal.
Stilwell's LSR bid curtailed.

22nd July: Post-Summer Nats points posted.
Bug Jam Perfect awards.
Private Test Day results, video.
Swift snippets.

21st July: Bug Jam racer update.
Annie's thanks and radio interview.
Jayne's biggest break-out.
JT's hot, hot, hot.

20th July: Greenlight Nationals entry closing in 10 days' time.
Happy 80th Arthur!
Summer Nationals racer quotes.

19th July: Return of the Good Guys.
One bike, no rider.
STP Summer Nationals results.
Swift snippets.

18th July: STP Summer Nationals coverage.

16th July: Top times from test day.
STP Summer Nationals preview.
ACU points posted.
Dragstalgia 10 Gasser Circus report.
Wild Bunch Dragstalgia news update.

15th July: STP Summer Nationals racer update.
STP Summer Nationals Perfect awards.
ACU Festival of Power report.
Villain succumbs.
Web site offer.

14th July: Zetterström to license TF at Bug Jam.
Working with a TF team.
Traffic report for STP Summer Nationals.
UK champions racing at Dakota.
M&M Racing sets their target.
Craig's list.
Williams Bros NSS report.
Motorcycles at Dragstalgia.
Dragstalgia photos and web site update.

13th July: Jedd goes close.
JT: one car now, more later.
Dragstalgia Cannonball racer notes.
Fadster survives event, Usher returns.
BDRHoF's auction success.
Dragstalgia photos.
More Mike memories.

12th July: Dakota's cash day this Saturday.
Dragstalgia results.

11th July: Dragstalgia coverage.

10th July: Happy 100th Birthday to Isky.
SPR announces Kestrel Beer lane sponsorship.
Happy Golden Wedding to Ron and Diana.

8th July: Happy wedding day Laura and Chris!
Gasser Circus preview – Dragstalgia.
No Prep Nationals 5: 7th-8th August 2021.
Straightliners announces new strip.
Report from Jetfest at Melbourne Raceway.

7th July: Joe looks forward to Cannonball.
Wild Bunch Dragstalgia preview.
Dragstalgia Perfect Light bonus.
Carla and Rick at Hudiksvall.

6th July: Dragstalgia racers announcement.
Dragstalgia ever-presents 2021.
JT's SpeedFest.
Web site updates.
Julie wins at Norwalk LODRS.

5th July: BDRHoF Dragstalgia auction.
Betty Boop does Dragstalgia.

4th July: Kevin Cerasale.
Dennis decals available.
Post-FoP points posted.
Tallhed Midsummer Festival report.
Swift snippets.

3rd July: No-Prep demo at Lydden Hill.
Jetfest at Melbourne Raceway.
Felspeed update.

2nd July: Bike classes dates change.
Junior Drag Bikes at FoP.
Williams Bros team report.
Storm coming.
Swift snippets.

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Mike Collins' Anniversary Blues.
Tig's altitude record.
Twister's assisters.
New Gladiator body breaks cover.
Anita flies.
00Heaven championship car tracked down.
Taz Racing roll call.
Gredzinski new book to focus on '80s.
Pioneers' stories.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.