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Dave Thomas (Super Street Bike)
Latest news:

25th November: Hockenheim invites Outlaws.
Thanks for a successful Gala.

24th November: Wild Bunch honour Champions.

23rd November: Thirty minutes with Big Daddy.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

22nd November: Swift snippets.

21st November: Big Daddy dines at his Club.
SCR announce events sponsor.

20th November: Polidano to attend FIA Gala.
Pro ET and the tumbling dice.
Swift snippets.

19th November: The ultimate Ask the Expert?
Annus horribilis.
Swift snippets.
PMR take the hits.

17th November: Interview: John Whitmore.

16th November: Joosten's Swedish export.
Swift snippets.

14th November: FIA Championships update.
Mattias of Arabia.
On The Bottle in the fast lane.
A cast of thousands...
A league of extraordinary gentlemen.
Record won with WON.
Winter reading from WASP.
Web site updates.

12th November: Notice to FIA racers.
Gabby seeks thesis help.
Swift snippets.

11th November: Nicole the Mendip Hillbilly.
A passage for Jndia.
Serck in the fast lane.
Swift snippets.

10th November: Interview: Russ Carpenter.
2015 Estonian calendar.
Swift snippets.

9th November: Flamholc Racing moves on.

7th November: Stutz gains respect.
Swift snippets.
Champion seeks crew.
Web site updates.

5th November: Holmberg looking to 2015.
Swift snippets.
A Hall of Fame birthday.

3rd November: Top Fuel Manual winners.
92nd mission accomplished.
Swift snippets.
More Insanity in 2015.
Extreme Bike JDB review.

2nd November: Swift snippets.

31st October: Pioneers set for HoF honours.
Swift snippets.
Read ready to play spoiler.

30th October: APIRA Championship presentation.

29th October: Top Fuel Manual review.
Top Fuel Manual give-away.
Swift snippets.
Erbacher: The Next Generation.
Web site updates.

27th October: Nitro fuels Read's return.
Stutz opens US account.
Swift snippets.
McIntosh enjoys the good times.
More Top Sportsman TV.

25th October: Flame and Thunder gallery.
Swift snippets.

24th October: Andersen Racing, Nataas quit.
An 8.1 swansong.
Swift snippets.
SCR's spooky season closer.

22nd October: PMR overwinters.
Swift snippets.
BDRHoF Gala attracts royalty.

21st October: UK Top Sportsman TV.
Swift snippets.
Garlits museum shortlisted.

19th October: 2014 UK National Champions II.
Bike Weekend results.
Swift snippets.

18th October: Feature: The Blacklist.
Swift snippets.

17th October: Swift snippets.

16th October: Bike Weekend Perfect Awards.
Swift snippets.

15th October: UK Championship outcomes II.
2015 race dates.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

14th October: Top Fuel Manual published.

13th October: Bike Weekend racer update.

12th October: Iceland on sand.
Swift snippets.
A year in Pro Comp.
Web site updates.

10th October: Wheels-up into the circle.
Shakespeare County update.
Kunmadaras offers testing.
Swift snippets.

8th October: "Hire car returned with clutch" shock.
Webb doubles the fun.
LA Racing Parts back RV3.
NAST wrap up 2014.
Street Eliminator Dinner Dance.

7th October: Swift snippets.

5th October: Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

2nd October: UK Championships/SPRC Dinner Dance.
A whole bunch of Marras.
The Spinner's return.
National Finals JDB review.
Lizz' Funny story.
Bracket Gamblers update.
NSRA back Hall of Fame Gala.
Web site updates.

1st October: Interview: Rex Sluggett.
Sywell does the drags.
Super Pro ET party set.
Swift snippets.
Matthew's perfect race.
PMR's idea season closer.
King crowned an eighth time.

News in
Cinderella's gallant princes.
Just the quarter left to beat.
Now, who drives in 2015?
Sjödin's season by numbers.
Hillsrace 11.
She Devil's Finals.
SSAB producing R10 tubing.
New Top Fuel SFI spec.
Allard Award winners.
Baynton's colourful return.
2014's last hurrah.
Ending the year as it started.
Wild Bunch wrap-up.
PMR's new dragster is ready...
A succesful Drag Challenge.
King King of Mosten.
Gasser Circus title clinched.
One ball, no problem.
The Wheelie Man wins.
Flamholc goes west, again.
Hudson's explosive weekend.
Micallef's 2014.
Heezen gets a happy ending.
A busy fornight.
JDB in their own words.
Two for the price of one.
UK Top Sportsman II success.
Warming up for the HRDs.
Rough start, smooth end.
Walters' substitution.
From one horse to several...
Custom Car back BDRHoF Gala.
2014 European Champions.
Malmgren to change number?
Andersen Racing catch-up.
A flaming brilliant weekend.
Take tea with Don Garlits.
FIA Top Tens.
In front of 50,000...
Sauna? Who needs it.
Mooneyes' archive at Beaulieu.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.