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Scott Hauser (Gearhead Garage UK Super Pro ET)
Latest news:

19th November: Hall of Fame Bench Race report.

17th November: Man Cup World Finals webcast.
A return for Mister Six.

16th November: King back in the hot seat.
Swift snippets.
VP Racing Fuels win at SEMA.

14th November: Stardust chassis stolen from Santa Pod.

12th November: A tricky season.
Swift Snippets.
Shaking it on the salt.

7th November: Kuhns honoured by Lucas Oil Award.
Swift Snippets.

6th November: Classic drag racing this weekend.

4th November: Feature: SEMA Show gallery II.
Web site updates.

2nd November: Will Ven recognise his bike?
Helzapoppin' for the Med.

1st November: ATD Champions, looking to 2019.
Feature: SEMA Show gallery.
Swift snippets.

30th October: NHRA Vegas pit notes, gallery.
Swift snippets.

29th October: Orders open for Priddle biography.
Swift snippets.

28th October: Flame and Thunder Show gallery.

25th October: Swift snippets.
Flame and Thunder Show coverage.
Fuelin' Around launches at SEMA.

23rd October: CHRR notes and gallery.
Swift snippets.

22nd October: CHRR replays.
Swift snippets.

18th October: ACU licence forms.
UK Tech Committee meeting.
SPRC office closure.
Flame, Thunder and Outlaws.
UK distributor for VP Racing Fuels.

17th October: Robinson the seventh.
Classic Anglias.

16th October: Twins close out the Challenge.
Help offered, sought.
Another Classic for Santa Pod.
AHRF Director attends BDRHoF Gala.

15th October: Junior racers honoured.

14th October: Bench race and book.
When the dream became reality.
A Get Well.

12th October: Three points to two grand.
UK National Finals snippets.
Lucky, good, and lucky.
Électrique Stephan.
Web site updates.

10th October: 2019 SPRC Dinner Dance.
UK National, SPRC points posted.
Swift snippets.
SPR's calendar expands.

8th October: 2018 UK Champions.
UK National Finals results.

5th October: UK National Finals bike scrutineering.
Swift snippets.
The best of weekends.

3rd October: How you can get Mister Six.
Arrows for Bloodwise.

2nd October: £250 on offer at UK National Finals.

1st October: UK National Finals racer update.
2018 UK Championship outcomes.
A season of growth.

29th September: New Junior trophies announced.
Swift snippets.

27th September: Swift snippets.

26th September: A 'Bird far from blue.
Swift snippets.
The Dirty Dozen and more.
Web site updates.

24th September: Biggers takes the third option.
Backing the 'Bird.
Swift snippets.

23rd September: One step closer...
Enter the Thundergod.
Eire apparent.
Swift snippets.
An eleventh title.
The true meaning of Bloodlines.
European Top Gas Round 6 review.
Web site updates.

21st September: Swift snippets.

20th September: School pupils seek dragster.
A drag bike for charity.

17th September: NSRA Hot Rod Drags results.

16th September: UK Championships points update.

14th September: Rare torque converter needed.
Bike racers' views sought.
Swift snippets.
Lass Vega flies again.

13th September: Hot Rod Drags ready to fire up.
European Finals wrap-up.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

12th September: UK National Finals entry update.
Cars sought for cancer fundraiser.
Norman heads for Hal Far.

10th September: JT for PM.
2018 European Champions.
FIA/FIM European Finals results.

8th September: Finals FIA/FIM prizegiving.

6th September: UK National Finals entry update.
Legends of Nitro attend Santa Pod.

5th September: Flying the flag for Liam.

4th September: European Finals racer grandstand offer.
Voodoo Hemi on the ward.
Curbishley Fixed for the Finals.
Swift snippets.
European Finals Perfect Awards.

3rd September: Halfscale Inc visit the Finals.
FIA/FIM European Finals webcasts.
VW Action galleries.

2nd September: Psycho returns.
Vegter misses Finals.
Ålund's busy fortnight.
BDRHoF Media Awards.

1st September: Swift snippets.

News in
Gullqvist out of Finals.
Well worth the trip.
Super Nova.
Extra pocket money!
Living the dream.
Flame and Thunder racer demos sought.
Summit Racing Internationals results.
No Prep 3 gallery.
...then two come along at once.
Giles' early retirement.
En avant to Santa Pod.
Junior Drag Racing Fun Day report.
The Top Fuel odds, Pro Mod to come...
NitrOlympX Top Gas report.
Update: SFI 3.3/20 Boots.
NitrOlympX results.
Redline Rumble results.
No Prep 3 the last at Rockingham.
Bring on the NitrOlympX.
Clastres success.
Ready for The Big One.
Maurischat's final tilt at the Five.
SPRC seek SFI 15.1 wheels.
Liam's progress.
Robinson retains lead.
European Top Gas Round 4 review.
Pateman the conqueror.
Bolts for the Bennetts.
Dragstalgia Pro Stock Bike review.
Ready to shake the salt.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.