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Latest news:

24th February: Event entry update.

23rd February: Cause to celebrate.
Swift snippets.

22nd February: Welcome Nitro Revival.
Changes at
Redzone back.
Atomizer Racing Injectors now in UK.

20th February: Green Light Nationals returns.
Melbourne fund passes 75%.
Funny six pack.
Dowdy goes Renegade.
Appointment for Hall of Fame.
Snapped with success.
Swift snippets.

18th February: Slicks sought for SPR track prep.
Dates for your diary.

17th February: UK Super Gas named for 2020.

15th February: Champion Jackson sits out 2020.
Swift snippets.
Vegter's new moniker.

14th February: FIM Championship registration open.
Swift snippets.

13th February: Riotous assembly.

11th February: Valentine date for Super Gas Shootout.
Ride of a lifetime!
New year, old Nostalgia.

9th February: 2020 Top Gas calendar.
Swift snippets.
Heaven, Hell and England.
7707 on show.

6th February: Ian Demaine.

4th February: Togxit.

3rd February: Feature: Track Prep Q&A.
SPRC Trophy Presentation pictures.
The evening turned Ugly.
Swift snippets.

2nd February: SPRC Perpetual Awards winners.
Photos for Melbourne.
2020 British Hall of Fame Gala.

31st January: Swift snippets.

30th January: SPRC Dinner Dance schedule change.

26th January: US Street Nationals pit notes.

24th January: Melbourne meeting.

23rd January: 2020 FIM Championship rules released.
VWDRC season beckons.

21st January: 2020 UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting.
Swift snippets.

19th January: Perpetual Awards voting closing.
Update from Germany.

18th January: Vehicles sought for burnout display.

17th January: 2020 European SFI Tour.
Urgent message from SPRC.
Santa Pod's Dial-In Day now booking.
Supercharged Outlaws' sponsor renews.

15th January: 2019 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 5.

13th January: 2019 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 4.

12th January: Autosport International report.

11th January: Welcome Wright's Mech, Eng and Fab.
The return of Can Do.
Swift snippets.
Introducing CG Composites 2019.

9th January: Behind the scenes.
2019 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 3.

8th January: Everitt to licence for Top Fuel.
Santa Pod renew DFDS ferry deal.
Swift snippets.
VP appoint new Sales Manager.

7th January: You can name the Super Gas Shootout.
Autosport International beckons.
Supercharged Outlaws extend support.
See Post en Dros for Atomizer.
Smax on 2019.

5th January: 2019 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 2.

3rd January: SPRC Dinner Dance update.

30th December: 2019 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 1.

24th December: SPRC Christmas update.
Swift snippets.
Drag Racing Unplugged XXI.
2019 Champions' Champions. Christmas lists.

21st December: UK STTG and ET Bike sponsorship 2020.
Swift snippets.

16th December: Bill Simpson.

14th December: Isaacs and Tramm Pro Mod for sale.

12th December: Zeon TV DVDs review.

11th December: 2020 UK class calendar.
Stock/Super Stock comes to Santa Pod.
Attention SPRC Perpetual trophy holders.
Foundation to support UK Juniors.
Swift snippets.
Jade Race seeks new home.
Record-setting ICE look to 2020.
Double champers all round!
Spiderman in a few seconds.

9th December: Welcome Fuel Tech UK.
FIA regulations update.
Raising funds for Melbourne.
RRC launch new web site.

6th December: Something Funny about Pers.
Zeon TV DVDs now shipping.
Swift snippets.

3rd December: Gerry Belton.

2nd December: Tim Mugridge.

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Gala galleries.
Hall of Fame do the honours.
Better to burn out...
A Five at the fifth.
2020 ATD calendar.
ACU codes now available.
Another grand(s) total for Bloodwise.
SPRC on-line entry set for testing.
Frosty's Five and a world best.
Flying the flag.
Motorsport UK licence update.
Welcome Shorty's Fabrication Shop.
2020 FIM Championship rule changes.
All change in Crossley's 2019.
2020 FIM Championship calendar.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
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