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Santa Pod Racers Club Perpetual Awards for the 2016 season

Santa Pod Racers Club and are again teaming up to give readers the chance of input to the SPRC Perpetual Awards, which will be presented at the SPRC Dinner Dance and Trophy Presentation on Saturday 11th February 2017. The votes of readers will be taken into consideration when the SPRC Committee decides upon its winners.

For several of the 2016 season awards, shortlists have been decided for which votes can be submitted by E-Mail.

How to vote

The shortlists for the Perpetual Awards will be published on a regular basis starting on Monday 12th December 2016. Nominations for the Alex Brachtvogel Memorial Trophy will be accepted starting on Monday 12th December 2016 and throughout the voting period.

To submit a vote, click on the link under the name for which you would like to vote. An E-Mail will automatically be generated with your chosen name in the title; all you then need to do is to hit the Send button.

If the E-Mail is not automatically generated with your chosen name in the title then simply send an E-Mail to giving the category (Most Promising Newcomer, Best-Appearing Car, Best-Appearing Bike etc.) as the subject of the E-Mail and the name of the person for whom you wish to vote in the body of the E-Mail.

One vote per E-Mail address will be accepted for each Award. Voting is per Award, so for example when you have voted for Most Promising Newcomer then you may of course vote for Best-Appearing Car, Best-Appearing Bike and so on.

Please note that blatant attempts at organising mass votes - for example asking workmates, forum members or Facebook friends to vote en masse - are easily identified and all such votes will be disallowed as they have been in previous years. Concerted attempts at vote-rigging will result in the nominee being removed from the shortlist whether or not that nominee had any knowledge or involvement.


Nominees for SPRC Most Promising Newcomer have impressed whilst contesting their first full season or making their on-track début in 2016.

The SPRC Committee's shortlist, in alphabetical order, is as follows:

Will Clark, Pro ET
Vote for Will Clark

Chris Creswell, Sportsman ET
Vote for Chris Creswell

Scott Crookston, Outlaw Anglia
Vote for Scott Crookston

Elaine Hancock, Sportsman ET
Vote for Elaine Hancock

Gary Hester, ET Bike
Vote for Gary Hester

Chris Neary, ET Bike
Vote for Chris Neary

Michel Tooren, Pro Modified
Vote for Michel Tooren


The SPRC Committee's shortlist, in alphabetical order, is as follows. Click on any picture to see a large version.

Tyler Ashdown
Super Comp

Vote for Tyler Ashdown

Matthew Dowdy
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster

Vote for Matthew Dowdy

Aaron Fensome
Lucas Oil Junior Dragster

Vote for Aaron Fensome

Shaun Hyde
VW Pro

Vote for Shaun Hyde

Joe Kellett
Super Pro ET

Vote for Joe Kellett

Steve Rawlings
Pro Modified

Vote for Steve Rawlings

Mark Sheridan
Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator

Vote for Mark Sheridan

Jon Webster
Nostalgia Slingshot

Vote for Jon Webster


The SPRC Committee's shortlist, in alphabetical order, is as follows. Click on any picture to see a large version.

Garry Bowe
Super Street Bike

Vote for Garry Bowe

Rikard Gustafsson
Top Fuel Bike

Vote for Rikard Gustafsson

Daniel Donat Lencses
Super Street Bike

Vote for Daniel Donat Lencses

Steve Mead
Super Street Bike

Vote for Steve Mead

Chris Mott
ET Bike

Vote for Chris Mott

Alfie Udall
Supertwin Gas

Vote for Alfie Udall


The SPRC Most Professional-Appearing Team trophy recognises not just the presentation of a race vehicle but the team's overall approach to racing. As well as a well-turned-out car or bike, the Committee have considered such aspects as the appearance and attitude of team personnel, the organisation and appearance of their pit area and support equipment, and their readiness when their class is called.

The SPRC Committee's shortlist, in alphabetical order of team / vehicle (not racer) name, is as follows:

Blown Bird (Kev Slyfield, Pro Modified)
Vote for Blown Bird

CW Motorsport (Craig Wright, Super Pro ET)
Vote for CW Motorsport

Gulf Oil Drag Racing / Grand Prix Originals (Ian King, Top Fuel Bike)
Vote for Gulf Oil Drag Racing / Grand Prix Originals

Highlander II (Holley Marshall, Lucas Oil Junior Dragster)
Vote for Highlander II

Team Reloaded (Pete Walters, Super Pro ET)
Vote for Team Reloaded

Shark Attack Drag Racing (Rene van den Berg, Top Fuel Bike; Ivana van den Berg, Supertwin Top Gas; Louis Davis, Junior Drag Bike)
Vote for Shark Attack Drag Racing


The James Edgar Memorial Trophy is awarded for outstanding performance by a Crew Chief, tuner, racer/tuner, or crew member. The SPRC Committee's shortlist, in alphabetical order, is as follows:

Rene van den Berg, for himself (Top Fuel Bike)
Vote for Rene van den Berg

Pat Byrne and Phil Peck, for Matt Smith (Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator)
Vote for Pat Byrne and Phil Peck

Cristiann Carlo, for Nick Good Motorsport (Super Pro ET)
Vote for Cristiann Carlo

Karl Harrison, for Rod Harrison (Top Methanol Dragster)
Vote for Karl Harrison

Brad O'Connor, for various bike racers
Vote for Brad O'Connor

Jan Selles, Arjan van Demmel, Leon van der Linden, Jaap Oonincx, Anton Vink, Michel Tooren, for Michel Tooren (Pro Modified)
Vote for Jan Selles, Arjan van Demmel and the Pro Dutch Racing team

Andy Wright, for Bert Englefield and himself (Pro Modified)
Vote for Andy Wright

Olly Young, for Sam Young (VW Pro)
Vote for Olly Young


This trophy was first awarded to Santa Pod Raceway's late Chief Marshal, Alex Brachtvogel, in 2001 to mark his outstanding contribution to Santa Pod Raceway and the sport as a whole. After Alex's death the trophy was named in his memory and continues to be awarded for contribution to drag racing.

There is no shortlist for the Alex Brachtvogel award. Nominations are invited for racers, race officials, track and safety crews, club officials, media, or anyone else who has contributed to the sport. Last year the Trophy was awarded to VWDRC Chair Luke Stevenson.

Click here to send an Alex Brachtvogel Memorial Trophy nomination